Bring on 2016 – Happy New Year from Feed Me Light

Happy New Year everyone! 2016 has arrived and it’s cranking.

Admittedly 2016 has sneaked up on us and passed in a blur. And for the first time ever not a blur due to drunken raucous behavior. Not that we’ve started taking ourselves seriously (studio sin), rather we’re mid-way through our big project and everyone is work, work, work. We’re loving our new digs off Brick Lane though so there was (still is) some silly season antics taking place.

Excitingly, we seem to be flexing some skills in the video game arena with a couple of projects underway. Our senior creatives all have extensive experience in video games from a previous life so pleased we are about to do the same under Feed Me Light.

Working to the game concept briefing we are creating a series of illustrations that will determine the ambience for each of the different game levels .

We are also producing a 30 sec trailer to promote an upcoming Steam video game. Again working from the original game concept we are re-creating all the character and environment elements for the trailer. We are looking forward to pulling all this together to produce a fun wee trailer that will attract all those gamers out there.

The fruits of our labor for these two projects won’t be released to show for a while yet. We’ve got our Feed Me Light toe in the door here with video game work, but we’re keen to show off so we can get our entire leg, torso and head in the door with the next video game project and do the technical and UI production as well.

Otherwise the team is still head down, bum up on the 2min animation video we are doing for a US client. We are half way through with delivery scheduled for end of January and release scheduled for end of February. Client feedback has been great – yay - and our own internal team feedback is best summarized by high fives all round. The team is doing some outstanding work and we can’t wait to be able to share this with the masses.

Keep your eye out on these works being shared. Either here on our website, or keep up to date via our twitter, instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook pages. We’re easily stalked, just see below.

No doubt that the start of 2016 is busy times for everyone out there, but hard work always pays off right? Absolutely. And can’t wait to show our finished work in the coming month or so. And celebrate it! Cue the right kind of blur coming over the Feed Me Light studio…

Happy New Year everyone. Keep safe and make it a goodie.

From all the Feed Me Light team