New Director Signing: Brutus Collective

With great pleasure and excitement we can now announce the official signing of Brutus Collective to our directing roster. 

And coming with them, Youki the Cocker Spaniel. 

For those few people who need the background info, Brutus Collective is made of up 3 talented individuals - Aurelien Duhayon, Thibaud Clergue and Sebastien Iglesias. Meeting at school and it was during their final graduation projects that the idea of working together came about. 

It was in 2014 that they 'officially' came together as Brutus Collective and they set themselves the challenge of producing a short film each year. 

Horde was their first release . It's fast, it's dark, it sucks you in and it gets you worked up. It's technically and visually incredibly strong.

Off the back of the success of Horde, it was seen by Pilot Priest who contacted them directly. And as such, they were given the opportunity to create The Last Goodbye. 

The Last Goodbye has an entirely different pace, but the same similarities are there. As a viewer you're taken on a journey, a story with the character but where or what to you don't know until the very end. It's suspenseful and beautiful. 

Individually they are all very talented artists, and have worked on some amazing projects at various studios. Here at FML we have been very lucky to have had all of them take on some key roles in our previous projects. 

Looking to take their strong film making skills as directors into a commercial world, FML is excited to be representing them. It will be an interesting jump into directing 'commercial' work, but we know that some big concepts, big possibilities, and some beautiful, emotive animation pieces will be achieved. 

Although they are pretty young (says Kiri as the oldest person in the studio) they have proven skills to deliver big concepts well. Bringing them into the fold with the rest of team will be seamless with our collaborative approach to all projects. 

Youki will be the star though. Dogs always are.