The Curious Creations of Cianán Curran

Halloween owes its roots to a special day for the ancient Celts, Samhain. They believed on this very day spirits, fairies and demons could walk the earth freely. They would disguise themselves as ghosts and ghouls to hide from the supernatural visitors. People would travel from house to house reciting poems and stories in exchange for food, imitating the souls of the dead. It was considered bad luck to not offer food or gifts to a visiting “spirit”, with many people encouraged to cause mischief if they were not well received by a homeowner!

We definitely didn't want to offend any passing demons! So we decided to rally the troops and bake our way to spiritual safety. Gnarly cookies, haunted gingerbread men and filthy witch fingers by the dozen. We munched and nibbled our way right past those demonic entities and had a great time doing it.

Thanks to all who made this a Halloween to remember!