Under the FM(Spot)Light: Emmanuelle & Julien

The world is full of dynamic duo’s, Sonny and Cher, Batman and Robin, Bert and Ernie, the list could go on. But for the next while Feed Me Light have the distinct privilege of hosting arguably the most dynamite of twosomes, Emmanuelle and Julien.

This pair of French CG wizards got the full royal rollout for their arrival in London (well, we opened the door for them their first day). We decided to sit down with E&J to find out how they came to be a directing duo, how London has been treating them and what makes them tick!

At what age did you start drawing?

    E - As soon as I could I guess, because my mum is a really good drawer, so I remember always drawing with her actually, when I was about 7 or 8. I always knew I was going to do something to do with creativity/drawing.
    J - Ever since I was little, I was very into computers, and fun stories and things. And very very early on, I began to move into 3D. So I’m not very good at drawing, I prefer to do 3D. I was studying during the day then going back home after school and during the weekend I was doing 3D. I’m less nerdy now, I drink, I have friends.

What was the funniest/hardest time you had on a project at Supinfocom?

    J - Because I had been working on 3D before, I was able to do it faster, and so I didn’t think I had to listen. The problem was, I was talking a lot with Emmanuelle, and making jokes, and it was a problem because she couldn’t listen in the class because I was always making jokes. From the very start we were always very good friends, and talking lots. So they tried to seperate us, and put us in different classes, it was a big mess.
    E- That day was not really fun for me, because it was my first time being in trouble like that. We were actually good students, but the lady said we were really too loud. So I cried all day, and my mum came to see me. But I think that they realised that they needed to keep us together, and that we worked better together. So when Julien started to build the team for his graduate film, and the teacher asked him who he wanted to have on his team and he said “Emmanuelle, of course.” and they said “Of course, we can’t really split you, you need to work together.”
    J - In Supinfocom, there is five years of school. And since second year, all of the projects we did, we did them together.
    E - We are still really close to our friends that we made at Supinfocom, the guys from Brutus were in the same promotion as us, so it’s like a big family.

Out of all the places you’ve worked, what is your favourite?

    E - I would say Paris, because three years ago I really enjoyed working on a project in Paris. So yeah, Paris.
    J - Paris is a wonderful city.
Which is next?
    J - I would say maybe Iraq or..
    E - ...NO! Maybe a city closer to nature, so maybe Australia or Canada.

Who would win in a sumo-wrestling match between you two?

    E - Aw c’mon, look at his muscles.
    J - No well, I have muscles, but she is smart. But you know what? There is no way that we would even be fighting, so this is a stupid question.

What is your favourite thing about each other?

    E - I guess the way he is able to love everything, and not take serious anything. Like even when we are really really sad, and everything is a mess, he is still making jokes. So the fact he can always find something to love about everything.
    J - And for me, she is a lot more adult than me, and she always reminds me that, okay, the world can be a joke, but sometimes, you know, you need to calm down, and be more adult.

What is the others worst habit?

    E - EATING SOUP! He never washes his plate after, so the day after, the plate is covered, things are bad in his kitchen.
    J - She’s too emotional. She’s just fucking crying all the time. Now she is better, but if you seen her three or four years ago, she was crying all the time. And this doesn’t bode well for someone like me whose more like, um…
    E - ...a rock.
    J - Yeah, a rock. I don’t really show emotions.

Out of the entire process of working on a project, which is your favourite part?

    E - Early beginnings, almost when we are pitching actually. I think I prefer to pitch, because its the time when you get to propose whatever you want and be your most creative, and really present your best self to the client. And it’s all within a few days or weeks, so it’s all very exciting.

What’s your favourite thing about Feed Me Light?

    E - I guess it’s the size, it still feels like a family. Compared to the size of the place we work in Paris, it’s nice to come to a place that still feels like a family.
    J - It feels very human and down to earth. I see Denis [Bodart] working across the room on the CGI elements, and everything is connected, there is no big boss and the people who work under them. Yeah, it feels very grounded.

You made a pretty royal announcement about your arrival in London, if you were to invite the Queen over for dinner, what would you cook for her?

    E - Soup?
    J - I would maybe propose to her some vinegar and salt chips, I’m sure she’d like that, and then I’d invite her outside onto the balcony with me for a cigarette.

Whats your plan for the next five years?

    E - I guess to write and produce a short film, to go back to creating short films for a little bit.

Sounds great, we can’t wait to see what they produce! Keep your eyes peeled on our FML releases this year to get a glimpse of what E&J have been working on with the team, it’s gonna be out of this world!