Dear Habib focuses on the real story of an unaccompanied minor in the United Kingdom. It focuses on his experience, as a young man transitioning into adulthood, dealing with the loss of home and family, further complicated by the threat of deportation.

The film is directed by Majid Adin (Elton John’s Rocketman) and Team Tumult. Majid brings his own perspective to bear in this film, himself a refugee and asylum seeker. He travelled across Europe in 2015, spending six months in ’The Jungle’ camp in Calais.

Team Tumult worked closely with Majid at Feed Me Light to realise this touching film about a young man trying to build a life in a new country.

Dear Habib | GIF 01Dear Habib | Still 01

Dear Habib | Still 02

Dear Habib | GIF 02

Dear Habib | GIF 03

Dear Habib | Still 03

Dear Habib | Storyboard

Dear Habib | Animatic

Dear Habib | Final Frame

Dear Habib | Character Development 01

The film is the culmination of a three-year ESRC-funded project, ‘Becoming Adult: conceptions of futures and wellbeing among migrant young people in the UK’. Habib worked with academics Dr Elaine Chase (UCL) and Dr Nando Sigona (University of Birmingham) throughout the project, sharing his own story and collecting the stories of other migrant youth.

Dear Habib | Character Development 02

Dear Habib | Character Development 03

Dear Habib | World Development 01

Dear Habib | World Development 02


Directed by Majid Adin & Team Tumult

Written and Produced by Ryan Goodwin-Smith
With the voice talent of
 Elham Ehsas

Art Direction: Frederic Siegel
Storyboard and Animatic:
 Beni Morard

2D Animation: Julien Becquer, Nina Christen, Justine Klaiber, Conor Ryan
Additional Storyboard
: Yohann Auroux
Additional Colour:
 Christa Jarrold
Additional Compositing:
 Mathieu Dellabe

Music Composition: David Kamp

Sound Design: Fonic

Creative Producers: Habib Rezaie, Gullican Zada

Becoming Adults Researchers: Dr Elaine Chase, Jennifer Allsopp, Dr Nando Sigona

PositiveNegatives Team: Rachel Shapcott, Emily Oliver