Working from an original idea by Indochine frontman Nicola Sirkis, we took a train ride through 40 years of history, across an epic landscape filled with monuments to both our past and the modern moment. Onboard for the journey, we celebrate makers of culture (Bowie, Gainsbourg and Dumas), pass through moments of resistance (Tiananmen Square, the Berlin Wall, ACT-UP Paris) and take stock on events that have shaped the modern moment (Covid-19, the climate crisis, LGBTQ+ rights).

The video was directed by Sébastien Iglesias, a member of the BRVTVS collective here at Feed Me Light. He worked closely with Nicola and High Scream Productions, who commissioned us, in realising Nicola's vision for this train ride through his past. 

The French-speaking contingent here at FML were particularly excited to work with an artist they all grew up listening to.


Client: Indochine // Sony Music Entertainment France

Executive Production Company: High Scream

Production Company // Animation Studio: Feed Me Light

Director: Sébastien Iglesias

Executive Creative Director: Denis Bodart

Executive Producer: Ryan Goodwin-Smith

Creative Producer: Daniela Hornksov Sun

Production Assistant: David Botchey

Concept Design: Sébastien Iglesias

Character Design: Jules Manuura Bourgès, Julien Perron, Sébastien Iglesias, Kristian Antonelli

Background Art: Olivier Bonhomme

Character Animation: Stephen Vuillemin, Mylene Cagnoli, Sébastien Iglesias, Eleanor Hunter

Lead Compositor: Chris Sayer

Compositing: Denis Bodart, Mark Mullan & Thomas Ricquier

Special thanks to Alexandre Debieve