This festive season, Feed Me Light had a break with KitKat.

We loved creating a variety of festive backdrops for the classic Santa shaped chocolate goodie, and bringing him to life with some quirky animated moments, bringing in additional elf characters (and the odd unfortunate snowman) to bring a touch of fun to these winter delights!


Director: Marc & Denis Bouyer

Production Company // Animation Studio: Feed Me Light

Executive Creative Director: Denis Bodart
Executive Producer: Ryan Goodwin-Smith
Creative Producer:
Daniela Hornksov Sun

Concept Design: Marc Bouyer, Eleanor Hunter, Thibault Scalasse
Dan Lambert

CG Lead:
Olivier Pirard
3D Modeling: Florent Rousseau, Mark Mullan
Olivier Pirard
Lighting/Rendering: Olivier Pirard
Animation: Thibaud Clergue
Ludovic Habas
Compositing: Denis Bouyer

Special thanks to Simon Duclos & Marin Monserand