Music promo for Listenbee's 'Save Me'. The first international music video shot in Grenada. Uploaded and streaming in 4k.

"As soon as we listened to Save Me we both immediately fell in love with its folk-house melodies and poignant lyrics. We were incredibly excited about the opportunity to create a video that inspired such strong and vivid imagery.

"The original idea revolved around the favelas of Brazil, with City of God being a big influence towards the creative. The more we developed the idea, the more we realised that Grenada would be a perfect backdrop for our story. Its untouched landscapes and rich colour palette just seemed like the perfect match. One of us is Grenadian, so that knowledge of the island and experiences growing up there became part of the script, creating a richer backstory than perhaps another less familiar landscape would have offered. From that point on there was no turning back.

"Grenada is a stunning island, unspoilt and very green, everywhere you point the camera could be images lifted straight from a film, so much so the island itself became as important a character as our cast. Shot anywhere else the end result would have been vastly different.

"Our crew was very limited, which made for its own challenges but at the same time the back to basics approach made the whole experience very creative and inspiring. Much like City Of God we ended up casting people we spotted on the street and in those we found a few tremendously talented actors, making the experience all the more exhilarating.

"We really can’t thank everyone enough for all their hard work and can’t wait to go back."


Director: CRY\WOLF
Producer: Ghandi El-Chamaa
Production Company: Sneek Films
DoP: Sy Turnbull
Focus Puller: Bruno Travers
DIT: Mike McDuffie-Finlay
Camera Assistant - Arthur Daniel
Production Assistant: Teddy Frederick
Local Producer: Samuel Ogilive
Editors: Ben Coughlan & Anthony Bristol
Colourist: Arthur Graham-Maw
Sound Design: Matthew Jones
Art Director: Neila Ettienne
Makeup Artist: Genel Forteau
Fixing Company:
Local Fixer: Elon 'Pantyman' Redhead
Dog Handler: Stephen Pivotte of Maverick's K9
Dog Owner: Bayan Anvar
Animal Welfare: Sharon Rose of the GSPCA
Catering: Island Catering, Deyna's & Flex
Directors Representation: Chloe Page

Boy: Bjorn Bubb
Brother: Albert Joseph
Mother: Agatha Alexis
Gang Member: Jamie Bailey
Gang Member: 8-Ball
Chicken: Frankie
Dog: Fang