OKRA aims to create inventive work primarily for food markets, pushing boundaries along the way. We don’t always need to see food on a table. Where possible, we can explore different landscapes and locations around the world. OKRA likes to take the story outside of it’s day to day setting, and focus on its vibrancy, aesthetic and character.

There is infinite creativity with food, with so many colours and shapes to organically play with. OKRA like to get as playful as possible, treating each recipe and product as a unique character, as this definitely gets the best outcome, and this is how they approach all of their work.

OKRA blends together different styles and approaches in figuring out how to best work creatively with the food, and ensuring an engaging result with a strong narrative at its heart. Working collectively with a team of experienced artists ensures that we have the greatest variety of people all playing with their food in their own unique way.

And our mothers said to never play with our food, it’s become our greatest skill.

Production // Sound: Knock Knock

Director // Animator: Feed Me Light

Producer: Dai Davison




Production: Qudos Animation

Director // Animator: Effie Pappa

DOP: Adrian Peckitt

Prop Stylist: Rachel Vere

Food Stylist: Catherine Hill


Production: Hangar 7

Director // Animator: Effie Pappa

Agency: A+


Production: Kream

Director // Animator: Effie Pappa

Creative Director: Phil Ashley