Know a Quick Swipe Mike? Been shunted by a Fake Felicity? Or perhaps you’re a Dirty Pics Derek? Naughty, but we dig that about you.

Online dating changed the game of romance and courtship. Does the person on the other side of the screen really enjoy long sunset walks on the beach, or do they prefer to spend their evenings perched outside your bedroom window? Feed Me Light had a blast capturing all the horrifying characters you encounter in the world of online dating, as part of a series for London based start up TrueView, the dating app you can trust.

The final product would be a series of promotional shorts based on each character and a composite piece that included all six horrifying individuals, for a wide range of distribution across online, social and print channels.

Billy Bad Chat, Six Pack Stu, Two Faced Tony - these characters are too familiar to anyone who has online dated. The client approached us with a set of characters that had been created based on real research on the dangerous individuals you encounter in the pursuit of love.

Labeled the ‘Undateable Suspects’, the series was developed alongside Matt Verity and the team at TrueView and directed by FML directors Marc and Denis Bouyer.

Matt had a very strong sense in the tone and humor that was to be at the forefront of these videos; smart banter and dry wit. We had the easy task of pushing this further in the storytelling, look and animation.


Client: TrueView
Creative Manager:
Matt Verity

Creative Animation Studio:
Feed Me Light
Kiri Haggart
Marc & Denis Bouyer

Sound Design: Stélian Derenne

Character Concepts: Marc Bouyer
Character Modelling:
Remy Dupont, Felipe Hansen
Aurélien Duhayon
Ludovic Habas
3D Generalists:
Denis Bodart, Olivier Pirard, Denis Bouyer
Denis Bouyer
Shading / Lighting / Rendering:
Olivier Pirard