We loved stretching our CG muscles on this campaign for Welch's, with four spots featuring different flavoured packets of fruit juice snacks from the american brand. The brief from the client was simple, fruit pieces and Welch's snacks that looked too juicy and delicious for words.

The creative team brought these four packets of snacks alive with flavour. Each spot brought its own unique direction, from a sumptuous velvety yogurt filled landscape to an eery foggy graveyard. A sense of character was explored through roughed 2D animation first, giving a base for the weight and timing of how each element moved through the scene. Once animation was complete, the FX team then stepped in to simulate the yoghurt and water elements, to give each spot that extra juicy touch!


Production Company: Feed Me Light
Director: Marc & Denis Bouyer

Executive Producer: Ryan Goodwin-Smith
Executive Creative Director:
Denis Bodart
Creative Producer: Daniela Hornskov Sun
Assistant Production: Mark Mullan, Jenny Wells

Agency: AMP

Sound: Duotone

Concept Design: Marc Bouyer

Storyboard: Marc Bouyer, Julien Becquer

CG Supervisor: Olivier Pirard

3D Modeling: Florent Rousseau
Shading/Texturing: Oguz Birgoren, Olivier Pirard
Oguz Birgoren, Olivier Pirard
CG Generalists: Denis Bodart, Mark Mullan

3D FX: Oguz Birgoren, Olivier Pirard
FX Simulation:
Gianmarco Colalongo, Natalia Velasquez

Animation: Julien Becquer, Florian Mounie, Marylou Mao
Oguz Birgoren

Compositing: Denis Bouyer, Denis Bodart