Over the last two years Wrapify has grown significantly, from what people perceived as a singular local city service with a few cars, to a nationwide advertising service. With impact disruptive marketing, called Swarms, and heavy investment in technology with client access to real-time analytics, these were important elements of the Wrapify brand and its services that needed reflected in this campaign.

FML  aimed to create an engaging world of dynamic environments, travelling through iconic locations in the USA that are stylised, engaging and instantly recognisable. The flow of narrative through various landscapes and characters demonstrates that the potential reach of Wrapify is so much higher than a static billboard in one location, it can reach every part of the country.


A wide array of diverse and wholesome characters were designed as an identifiable collection of both drivers and spectators that could represent any individual across the nation. This also marks Sammy the dog’s breakout role in a Feed Me Light production, the first of what we assume will be many.

The illustrative world of Wrapify came to life through its environments. Tristan Menard designed immersive cityscapes with depth and dynamism that captured the nationwide reach of the company’s scope. Through each city’s characteristic colour schemes and layouts, the short serves as a true reflection of some of the USA’s most iconic locations.


Client: Wrapify
Client Contact:
CEO James Heller

Direction / Creative Studio:
Feed Me Light
Executive Producer:
Kiri Haggart
Creative Directors:
Denis Bodart & Felipe Hansen
Project Lead:
Olivier Pirard

Car / Character Design: Felipe Hansen, Marc Bouyer
Environment Art Director:
Tristan Menard
Additional Environment:
Bernie Machado, Felipe Hansen, Denis Bodart
2D Animation:
Tim Dillnutt, Pascale Bories, Leo Nezot
3D Animation:
Olivier Pirard
Modelling / Texturing / Camera Mapping:
Felipe Hansen, Olivier Pirard, Mark Mullan, Denis Bodart
Olivier Pirard
Olivier Pirard
Denis Bouyer, Olivier Pirard